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Students love finger painting workshops. They open the door to exploring your creative side. The approach to learning how to paint with just your fingers is one of the most freeing, as it eliminates the need for tools to create your work of art.  Kimberly offers a variety of options in oil and acrylic.  These workshops are open to beginners and beyond. You can sign up for in person or online workshops or reserve time in a private lessons.   If you prefer to work at your own pace. Books and online tutorials are available as well. 


Kimberly Adams 

Artist, Author, Art Instructor, Business Owner, Executive Leader, and Mother of Two

Kimberly started a blog in 2023 while in recovery from her brain surgery, sharing her experience living with an partially inoperable brain tumor. Sharing how she makes the choice to focus her energy on positivity and sharing how to move forward.

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In a culture full of stress and chaos, painting is my way of encouraging people to stop, pause, and enjoy the moment. When you walk into a room and see one of my vibrant landscapes, I hope you’ll want to linger in front of it. I create pathways into my paintings, and invite you to follow that pathway to a better place where joy, happiness, and positive energy await you.


I would describe my style as impressionistic, and I do feel a kinship with the joyous colors and energy of the original French Impressionists. Like Claude Monet and others of his generation, I apply dozens of daubs of creamy, richly pigmented oil paint to every canvas, allowing the pure, vivid colors to visually blend on the surface and in the viewer’s eye. But I’ve added my own modern twist to the process: I paint only with my fingertips. Finger painting just feels natural to me because I’m not obstructed by tools. This gives me more control over how I apply and move the paint. Sometimes I blend the colors to create dimension and depth, and sometimes I allow the paint to remain untouched, adding rich texture to the image’s surface. Either way, I allow my hands to dance across the canvas, and I trust that all of you will see the joy and energy I feel when I’m working come through to you in the finished painting.

Work by kimberly adams is currently being exhibited in the following galleries:

Cole Gallery, Edmonds, Washington

Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, Washington

Commission pieces, public speeches, and art classes are also available.

Art by Kimberly Adams, Finger Painting Artist, Unconventional Painter, Brain Tumor Artist

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


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